The Saudi National Domain is Listed for sale as the Most Expensive Internet domain ever.

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The Saudi National Domain is Listed for sale as the Most Expensive Internet domain ever.

February 27
20:09 2023 is now listed for sale on Escrow Domains for sale at 94 million USD.

The internet domain has been listed for sale on Escrow Domains. At a price of 94 million USD, the Saudi National Domain is considered the most expensive domain name ever. The domain is particularly noteworthy because it features the correct Arabic spelling of “Arabia,” using the letter “y.” This is consistent with the spelling used by the prominent Saudi news channel Al Arabiya, which is widely recognized as the leading media outlet in Saudi Arabia. 

It is important to mention that the buyer of the domain will initially lease it for a period of one year, paying a sum of only 4 million USD. At the completion of the year, the domain will be sold to the buyer automatically at the full price of 94 million USD.

The importance of possessing the Saudi National Domain cannot be emphasized enough. As the leading economy in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is a rapidly growing market and a founding member of both OPEC and the Arab League. In addition, Saudi Arabia is regarded as a sacred land by 1.9 billion Muslims across the globe. Under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is known for his progressive outlook, the country is experiencing a significant period of growth and embracing openness in both its economy and society. The economic future of the country is promising, with abundant investment possibilities across various industries such as energy, finance, technology, and tourism.

For companies and investors seeking to leverage the vast potential of the Middle East, the Saudi National Domain presents an exceptional and highly strategic gateway. The domain name represents not only the modernization and globalization of the country but also serves as a direct link to the dynamic and thriving business community in the region. Therefore, to establish a robust online presence in one of the most promising and influential economies worldwide, businesses should act quickly and secure the Saudi National Domain,

Escrow Domains, a reputable company specializing in building trust between parties, facilitates the sale of the domain. They offer customized contract drafts for domain leasing and sales and act as an impartial intermediary. The seller of the Saudi Nation Domain can be found with the username: [email protected]. Once the seller provides the Godaddy account username and password to Escrow, the buyer will begin making payments. The buyer will receive the account details from Escrow and gain complete control over the Saudi national domain,

To obtain further details on how to acquire the domain, individuals can contact Escrow Domains by visiting their website at

Interested parties can also contact Escrow via email at [email protected] or by calling one of the numbers listed on their contact page:

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