TAYYTV advocates for a digitized and internet-based marketing model in the film and television industry, thereby facilitating the growth of box office revenues.

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TAYYTV advocates for a digitized and internet-based marketing model in the film and television industry, thereby facilitating the growth of box office revenues.

May 11
20:56 2023

In recent years, with the continuous development of internet technology, the film and television industry has gradually transformed from traditional marketing models to digital and internet-based approaches. As a globally leading film marketing company, TAYYTV FILM MEDIA CO., LTD has always been committed to providing comprehensive and innovative marketing solutions for film production companies, in order to promote the digital development of the film and television industry.

As a company dedicated to film and television marketing, TAYYTV has garnered considerable attention in the industry through years of development. The company adheres to an innovative path, offering various marketing services to film production companies, including social media marketing, content creative marketing, and big data marketing. These services support the global visibility and reputation of films, thereby enhancing box office revenue. Building upon this foundation, TAYYTV has also launched a series of innovative marketing models to better meet the needs of film production companies.

Amidst the intensifying market competition, film production companies have increasingly diverse marketing needs. Against this backdrop, TAYYTV has launched a groundbreaking Web3.0 film marketing innovation model, which enables a win-win situation among users, clients (major film companies or producers), and the platform (APP), injecting new vitality into the entire film industry.

In this model, ordinary users can write positive reviews on major film review websites based on the demands of film production companies. This helps enhance the film’s reputation, influence the number of screenings and box office performance in cinemas, and in turn, earn marketing commissions. Film production companies, in return, compensate these users with corresponding commissions, making them an integral part of the profit distribution. The platform, through its independently developed cloud-based intelligent system called “Smart Cloud,” can automatically assist users in registering accounts for cinema ticketing platforms, third-party ticketing platforms, and streaming media platforms. Additionally, the cloud-based intelligent system can automatically match films that require box office assistance. Once registered on the platform, users can conveniently access various functions such as placing orders, purchasing tickets, and leaving comments, all from the comfort of their homes, while also earning additional income.

TAYYTV has successfully obtained the FinCEN MSB license in the United States, becoming the world’s first film marketing platform to possess this qualification. The acquisition of this license not only demonstrates TAYYTV’s stringent requirements in terms of compliance and security but also provides global film production companies with a more reliable marketing service.

In addition to the Web3.0 film marketing innovation model, TAYYTV offers various other innovative marketing methods. For instance, through collaborations with social media platforms and short video platforms, they promote film content to a wider audience, thereby increasing the film’s exposure and recognition. Furthermore, the company is committed to conducting in-depth analysis of user demands, film markets, and other factors through technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence. This enables them to provide film production companies with more precise marketing strategies and data support.

Looking ahead, TAYYTV will continue to uphold the three core principles of innovation, professionalism, and service. They will introduce more innovative marketing models and services, injecting new momentum into the digital transformation of the global film industry. Additionally, the company will keep a close eye on industry trends and user demands, providing film production companies with comprehensive and professional marketing solutions. Together, they aim to drive the prosperous development of the global film industry.

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