In-depth interpretation of the new project – Future Star

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In-depth interpretation of the new project – Future Star

May 12
19:26 2023

In mid-May Future Star will start the public sale of Genesis NFT on the entire network, formulate a new NFT ecological layout, its web3 short video Sparkle Video will be officially launched, the new official website will be revised and launched, and a new development map will be formulated. With the launch of the optimized Future Star APP, the establishment of the Future Star DAO organization, and the launch of the Token FSC on the mainstream DEX platform, it is not difficult to see that it is currently in the most important stage of ecological construction.

In 2023, through the hype of “Play To Earn” and “Move To Earn”, the “X to Earn” track suddenly emerged and became one of the most important modules in chain games. Today, we will analyze the “X to Earn” dark horse project Future Star, which is called “Web3 version of ByteDance”.

Future Star Group was established in Silicon Valley, USA. From the beginning of its establishment, it shouldered the mission of covering the traditional business model. Future Star is determined to build an open metaverse system through NFT and innovative media ecology, based on blockchain technology and Web3 Theory, to establish a new skinned infrastructure for media, advertising, news, sports, games and other industries. And strive to establish a community-regional autonomous and borderless digital asset system for billions of users around the world, making Future Star Coin (FSC), the core token of Future Star, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Future Star is characterized by combining the advantages of FT, DeFi and NFT, using financial mechanisms to create and innovate the media ecology, creating a truly unique and long-lasting X to Earn metaverse life system.

Newly upgraded official website user interface

New economic mod

Future Star Token Future Star (FSC) is a BEP20 standard token issued based on Binance Smart Chain BSC, with a total supply of 10 billion pieces, 80% of which are produced by mining, combined with different attributes of NFT mining and short video mining , sports mining, etc., to achieve a perfect closed loop, NFT mining tokens, token empowerment to realize the realization of user value.

In addition, there are many application scenarios for tokens, such as participating in voting, staking to earn income, application payment, subscription for Star Boxes, etc. In future GameFi games, they can be used to purchase equipment and make gold to earn income.

The official white paper also announced that there will be many repurchase plans in the future, so that the value of the token will continue.


The upgraded version of Future Star will be open to the market soon. The main functions of the Future Star app include: NFT mining, Sparkle short video, Sports Gold, GameFi, Sports Gold, Metaverse, etc. According to the official community news of Future Star, the Genesis Star Box is about to open for purchase.

NFT Mining

Star NFT is an NFT asset of the Future Star platform, which can be obtained by opening the Starlight Star Box or getting from the trading market. Star NFT is an essential tool for participating in X to Earn. Holding Star NFT can participate in Star NFT mining. After the user obtains Star NFT, the system will automatically stake NFT for mining and generate income. It should be noted that only when StarNFT is in the state of stake (mining), The corresponding computing power will be activated, and the product will generate income. The distribution of income is determined by the weighted average of the total computing power of Star NFT on the entire platform and the total number of FSC airdropped every day. The specific calculation method is as follows:

Daily mining income = total amount of FSC airdropped every day / total network computing sum * your effective computing power of the day

To put it simply, as the computing power increases, the income obtained will also increase accordingly. In order to obtain the maximum income, in addition to completing the daily tasks on the Future Star App and Sparkle App on time, you can also obtain more high-level High-quality NFT and upgrading NFT level increase computing power, so as to obtain more FSC income per unit time.

How to get Star NFT?

1. Open the Star Box

You can get Star NFT with random quality and attributes by opening the Star Box. There are two ways to get the Star Box. One is to get the Star Box through a weekly subscription. Please keep an eye on the official news of Future Star for the specific method. The second way is to get it through the trading marketplace. Please also keep an eye on the official news of Future Star for the specific method.Z

2. Get in the Trading MarketFind the “NFT Marketplace” on the Future Star website and select Star NFT. Then choose the Star NFT you like, and click on getting and pay the corresponding USDT to purchase it successfully. You can view your Star NFT in your backpack after a successful purchase.

NFTs with different attributes have different computing power.

a. Initial Computing Power

Each Star NFT has an initial computing power. The higher the quality of the NFT, the higher the initial computing power.

b. Computing Power Bonus

Whenever you hold a certain number of rare, epic, or legendary Star NFTs, you will receive a percentage bonus to the total computing power, which you can view in the Future Star White Paper at: /

c. Computing Power Improvement

(1)  Raising the Star NFT star level by consuming meteorite NFTs can increase the initial computing power of the NFT.

(2)  Improve the computing power of NFT by consuming Star NFT to increase the level of Star NFT.

Star Box

It should be noted here that Star NFT is issued from mysterious Star Boxes with different attributes.

There are two kinds of mysterious Star Boxes in Future Star, namely the Starlight Star Box and the Meteorite Star Box. Open the Starlight Box to get Star NFT, and open the Meteorite Box to get Meteorite NFT. The  cost of the Star Box is one-third of the average transaction price in the market last week. After successful subscription, users can choose to sell the Star Box to earn the difference, or they can directly participate in mining and receive the earned FSC income every day. According to the information I got, Future Star is about to hold a public sale of Genesis Treasure Chests. 10,000 Genesis Treasure Chests will be released, which will be sold to the market in batches. The FSC is given to the purchasers of the Genesis Star Box, and the holders of the Genesis NFT will have the priority to experience the products and services of the Future Star ecosystem.

After the Genesis Star Box, they will open a weekly subscription activity for the Mysterious Star Box, which will continue by default.

The number of Star Boxes released in each period will be adjusted in real time according to market conditions. In the same period, each address can only purchase one Star Box. The purchased assets will use FSC. If you want to participate in the purchase, you only need to freeze the corresponding amount of FSC.

If there are any unsubscribed treasure chests in each subscription activity, they will be destroyed directly

The subsequent release rules of the mysterious treasure chest will be decided by the Future Star DAO vote

Meteorite NFT

In addition, Future Star will also open the meteorite system in phases. Meteorite NFT is a kind of NFT asset of Future Star platform, which is stored on the blockchain in the form of BEP-721 and has irreplaceability and traceability. Meteorite NFT is a kind of prop used to upgrade Star NFT. Meteorite NFT can also be traded in the NFT trading market. Meteorite also has quality differences, which can only upgrade Star NFT of the same quality. Star NFT’s star upgrade will consume a certain number of meteorite NFT of the same quality. Star upgrade has a certain probability of success or failure. Whether successful or not, the consumed meteorite NFT will be permanently destroyed. Currently each Star NFT can be upgraded up to 6 stars.

Like Star NFT, players can obtain Meteorite NFT by opening the Meteorite Star Box after purchasing the Meteorite Star Box, or directly purchase it in the NFT market

The rules for subscription to the Meteorite Box are as follows:

1. After completing the subscription, you will get a subscription number, and at the end of each subscription period, the subscription numbers corresponding to the number of Star Boxes will be randomly selected from all subscription numbers to release Star Boxes. If the number of subscription numbers ≤ the number of Star Boxes, then all subscription numbers must get a Star Boxes.

2. After the successful launch of the subscription, the corresponding amount of FSCs will be frozen in the account, and the freeze will be lifted after the end of the subscription. The FSCs of users who have won will be destroyed, while the FSCs of users who have not won can be collected back to their wallets or can be used to participate in the next subscription activity.

3. You cannot withdraw a subscription after it has been initiated.

4. If there are any remaining Star Boxes that have not been purchased in each phase of the subscription event, they will be directly destroyed.

5. The rules for the subsequent release of the Star Boxes will be voted on by Future Star DAO.

These are some of the relevant information that the author has learned. If you are interested in more information, you can always pay attention to the official news. The author will also attached the official community link is attached below:

Official website:



TG official:

Gitbook White Paper:

follow up in a timely manner.

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