MAJOR, New Market Entry, Turn Habit Into Harvest!

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MAJOR, New Market Entry, Turn Habit Into Harvest!

August 28
22:01 2019

People having achieved great things are always the first with the courage to try something new. Making business is to seize the first opportunity. But most people like to take a wait-and-see attitude, so they can’t grasp the chances in front of them.

It is a pity that –

– 99% of the people who are still in the traditional thinking, who do not understand the Major, they do not know, Major has been in the rapid development;

– 99% of the people just feel that business is more and more difficult, but they do not know there are someone have quietly entered into Major and sprung up, quietly making a fortune;

– 99% of people do not know Major is a trend and is also a gold mine!

In the global 5G era, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies provide individual consumers, data owners and advertisers with search, matching and recommendation services of different products, as well as content services like education and industry reports. Meanwhile, it also provides the whole process realization solution for media organizations, and outputs the whole chain service of “technology + scene + user + operation” in multi-dimensions.

Major has been constantly committed to immersing users in more interesting and more fun interactive advertising, for cardholders to empower, letting a small number of people enjoy the world first, collecting all kinds of life privileges, covering membership services.Turn the time and ability into wealth, making people having dreams more outstanding.

Future strategic planning of Major:

1. A Round of Financing of US$5 million in November 2019

2. Have 5 million paying users in 01.2020; Valued at $1 billion; Enter into the rank of unicorns;

3. Have 20 million paying users in 05.2020; Become the largest paid distribution platform in Indonesia and India; Access to markets in the Middle East, Brazil and Africa;

4. Prepare for US IPO in 12.2020; Expected market value of $3 billion; Exercise of rights by early users; Layout on DAPP distribution;

5. 05.2021 targeted monthly bank statement of $100 million; Monthly dividends are expected to exceed 10 million dollars.

6. The king will have limited supply, 1,000 for the king and 100,000 for the duke. At full capacity, noble members gradually raised prices to 298 yuan, or even 398 yuan.

Five reasons to join Major

Reason one: Major makes you have a full range of rich and leisure life, it is not just a business

Those who truly understand Major’s career understand that Major conveys a kind of wisdom and wealth. What is emphasized is a positive and active spirit, a positive thinking. Therefore, business after a period of time often develops a positive attitude and thinking habits.

Reason two: the risk-free business model

Running Major business can bring more added values and one can learn and grow, develop contacts, exert the market multiplier power and become a successful [entrepreneur] while running a business.

Reason three: Major makes people obtain infinite freedom

The largest feature of Major career is freedom, with unlimited space for development; Freedom means not only freedom of time, but also freedom of finance and freedom of mind.

Reason four: Help yourself as well as others

The fundamental spirit of Major business is mutual assistance, cooperation. It carries out the essence of matrix pattern

Reason five: Major makes you continue to learn and grow

Major business is a highly self-challenging business. Thus, through continuous learning, we can continuously improve our abilities.


Success = one dream + one coach + one system + one platform

The new trillion-dollar wealth wave chance has arrived, are you able to grasp it?

Opportunities always start with doubts, develop with arguments, and end with cheers.

Major is the inevitable trend of market development! The past 20 years have been missed. Don’t miss the next 10 years. The market space is tremendously huge in the future!

Grasp this wave of wealth Major, create your own wealth!

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