The release of a book “Beyond the Mouth” – Innovative Dentistry Through Holistic Lens is bound to change the dental industry.

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The release of a book “Beyond the Mouth” – Innovative Dentistry Through Holistic Lens is bound to change the dental industry.

June 01
19:25 2021

The release of a book “Beyond the Mouth” – Innovative Dentistry Through Holistic Lens is bound to change the dental industry. 

Dr. Ana Maria Goldfischer published a unique book that highlights the benefits of holistic and eco-friendly dental treatment for dentists and patients.

Beyond The Mouth.” looks at the idea of innovative green dentistry and holistic dentistry with an in-depth view on the benefits to the dental practitioner and the patient. 

This book explores methods that are environmentally friendly and conventionally used only by holistic dental practitioners. Dr. Ana Maria Goldfischer came up with the unconventional idea of combining both traditional and holistic dentistry in a dental practice. This innovative idea was inspired after Dr Goldfischer spent several months in California and Oahu, Hawaii where holistic dentistry is the norm rather than the exception.

The book encompasses eco dentistry practices and gives information on procedures such as chelation therapy, amalgam removal, biocompatible dental materials, new technology and a view of future technology.  

Biological dentistry is not new, but perhaps it is time for us to take a new view on this eco dentistry and use it in tandem with traditional dentistry.  The informed patient is exposed to information daily on natural and organic alternatives which are more beneficial to their bodies and the environment. These patients will inevitably search for a dental practitioner that can offer them a more holistic option of treatment for their dental issues.  

Beyond The Mouth” looks at dentistry from a holistic perspective  and provides an overview of alternative dental practices. It looks at the human body as a whole with all systems interconnected, inevitably when one system, for example the oral system is not healthy, it affects the entire body.

In the book “Beyond the Mouth” the focus is on the interconnectivity of the human body as one entity. Homeostasis – the balance of all systems is the integral focus of this uniquely written book.  As seen in the introductory chapter the author believes in balance.  Dr Ana Maria Goldfischer is a highly sought-after practitioner, who focusses on the body as a whole and helps her patients not only with their dental issues but also focusses on the wellbeing of her patients. Her integrity as a person can be seen clearly in this book which is aimed at helping patients and dental practitioners alike, to integrate and explore different options in dentistry.

Information is the key to an enlightened society, one where balance is key. This book will entice you to search and inevitably find the solution to a healthier more balanced person. 

Dr. Ana Maria Goldfischer one of the most avant-garde medical practitioners who’s desire is to illuminate the different approaches to dentistry and ultimately ensure the field of dentistry is at the forefront of medical technology. Her book “Beyond the Mouth” is an inspired guide for the dental field to explore alternative options in the field. 

“Beyond the Mouth” is available for purchase on Amazon, Scribed, Kobo, Thalia, and other platforms. 

“Beyond the Mouth” is a book about a unique topic and available not only in hard copy and as an eBook, but also available as an Audiobook, another unique factor.  “Beyond the Mouth” is readily available on Audible for people on the move. Listen to the audiobook wherever you are and ensure you are up to date on the latest information regarding Holistic Dentistry.

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About Dr. Ana Maria Goldfischer

Dr. Ana Maria Goldfischer is based in Belgravia, London, United Kingdom. As a dental practitioner she advocates healthy lifestyle choices and lives them. In her personal time, she loves to surf and is a free diver with a passion for the ocean and nature. Her passion drives her to find alternative methods to reduce the carbon footprint in order to preserve the beauty of what we currently have. Publishing a book for dentists is part of her plan to impact the profession and assist dentists and patients find eco-friendly solutions for dental treatment. 

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