Zhangjiagang Gang Hang Warp Knitting – Manufacturer of Mesh Fabric for more than 30 years experience from China

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Zhangjiagang Gang Hang Warp Knitting – Manufacturer of Mesh Fabric for more than 30 years experience from China

September 06
09:30 2023

Mesh fabric, also known as mesh material or mesh textile, is a type of fabric characterized by its open, net-like structure. It is made by weaving or knitting threads or filaments together to form a grid-like pattern. The resulting fabric has numerous evenly spaced holes or openings, allowing for increased breathability and ventilation.


Mesh fabric is commonly used in various applications due to its unique properties. Here are some key features and uses of mesh fabric:

* Breathability: The open structure of mesh fabric allows air to flow through, providing excellent ventilation. This makes it suitable for use in clothing and sportswear, such as jerseys, activewear, and shoes, as it helps to keep the wearer cool and dry.


l  Lightweight: Mesh fabric is typically lightweight and has a minimal weight to it, making it comfortable to wear and easy to handle. This makes it suitable for applications where weight is a factor, such as backpacks, tents, and other outdoor gear.


l  Durability: Mesh fabric is often made from durable materials like nylon or polyester, which gives it strength and longevity. It can withstand regular wear and tear, making it suitable for use in bags, upholstery, and automotive interiors.


l  Visibility: Mesh fabric is often used in safety vests, bags, and other items where visibility is important. The open structure of the fabric allows light to pass through, making the wearer or the contents of the bag more visible, especially in low-light conditions.

l  Filtering: Mesh fabric can also be used for filtering purposes, such as in water filtration systems or screens for windows and doors. The open structure of the fabric allows for the passage of air or liquid while trapping particles or debris.

Overall, mesh fabric is versatile and can be utilized in a wide range of applications. Its breathability, lightweight nature, durability, visibility, and filtering properties make it a popular choice in industries such as fashion, sports, outdoor gear, safety, and filtration.


Zhangjiagang Gang Hang Warp Knitting Co., Ltd has been committed to the development of warp knitting manufacturing for more than 20 years, producing hundreds of kinds of mesh, widely used in shoes, hats, luggage, handbags, laundry bags, office chairs, baby carriages, household goods, sports equipment, medical equipment, military supplies, etc., is a warp knitting manufacturing enterprise set product-development, production, sales into one.

The company covers an area of 1700㎡, factory area of over 520㎡. Committed to the development of the warp-knitting manufacturing for 30 years, GANG HANG has formed a set of complete and reasonable production system and scientific and effective company management system, and has passed ISO-9001:2015 quality management system certification , OEKO-TEX STANDARD100 certification and GRS standard certification.


Over the years, GANG HANG has been highly recognized by the market and won the trust by the customers owing to the excellent product quality. Our mesh products have been exported to dozens of countries including the United States, Mexico, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, India, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, etc.

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