Shelbru to Unveil The Complete Shelbru System for Coffee Lovers on Kickstarter Soon

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Shelbru to Unveil The Complete Shelbru System for Coffee Lovers on Kickstarter Soon

September 20
02:55 2023

Shelbru, the innovative coffee company dedicated to delivering the perfect cold brew experience, announces the launch of its new product range on Kickstarter. The Shelbru Brewer, Carafe, Smart Canister, and Sifter make up The Complete Shelbru System, designed to provide coffee enthusiasts with the ultimate brewing experience.


This is not Shelbru’s first rodeo in the world of crowdfunding. They connected with thousands of backers through an Indiegogo campaign in 2021 and participated in multiple campaigns on Wadiz in 2022. Their product, the Cold Brew System 1.0 received love across the globe, and has now been upgraded for their newest campaign which is coming to Kickstarter soon!

The Shelbru Brewer features a stainless dual-filter that ensures no coffee ground residue escapes into the cold brew coffee concentrate. This easy-to-use Brewer produces 500ml of cold brew coffee concentrate, which can be diluted and enjoyed for up to 12 cups of coffee. As a concentrate, this also means that cold brew can be enjoyed iced or hot by the drinker!

To complement the Brewer, the Shelbru Carafe has an interchangeable lid with the Brewer which can be swapped out and used to store the cold brew concentrate in the fridge for up to two weeks. With its spill-proof spout, the Carafe ensures a perfect pour every time and means no more spilling cold brew when pouring from large jars!

The Shelbru Smart Canister takes coffee bean storage to the next level. With active vacuuming technology, the Smart Canister keeps coffee beans fresher for longer. The canister seals with just one press of a button and adjusts internally to maintain the freshness of the beans based on the environment.

For those seeking the perfect coffee grounds, the Shelbru Sifter is a must-have. The Sifter comes with two sizing grades (800 and 500) to sift out fine microparticles from your coffee grounds. By removing these fine grounds, the Sifter ensures a smoother and bolder-tasting coffee.


One supporter of Shelbrus original Cold Brew System 1.0 said: “The double metal filter remove[s] literally all of the grounds/sludge so your last cup will be as good as your first. The idea of a continuous flow of cold brew is amazing (two carafes with interchangeable lids so while one batch is sitting in the fridge the other can be steeping on the counter)… Shelbru has changed that for the better!”

With years of expertise in coffee brewing technology, Shelbru is dedicated to providing the ultimate coffee experience. The company hopes to revolutionize cold brew coffee by offering innovative but simple products that enhance flavor, convenience, and freshness.

Visit Shelbru’s website to learn more about their innovative products and join their cold brew movement as they prepare for their Kickstarter campaign! Coffee enthusiasts are encouraged to sign up for updates related to the campaign so that they don’t miss out on early bird offers!

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